Recalibration. The Teacher Recalibration. Welcome Speech By Dr Olufemi Orahunsi

Welcome Address

The purpose for this is to facilitate quality education in public places 
To do this we needed to build the capacity of the teachers in order to achieve our goal. 
Teachers in the olden days are referred to almost God in the olden days. 
It is high time that we need to shit and recalibrate. We need to take everybody along the policy makers, the teachers and everybody needs to be carried along. 
Why do teachers use the method of 1989 to teach in 2018… That method is almost obsolete. The government is already doing a lot but we all have to gather and start teaching children of today differently. 
When it comes to digital world thaws kids are smarter that we do. 
We also use phones for a lot of things but do we know how these phones are made. 
In Asia they do reverse engineering. They buy the device and break them down to know how these devices work. 
Success is about identifying the need of the society and profiting from them. 
Music aspire from what they see that is why they want to become model, musicians, and others 
Once again you are all welcome to Lagos State Recalibrate Seminar For Teachers 
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