On Teachers Welfare and Salaries – don’t get bitter get better.

On Teachers Welfare and Salaries – don't get bitter get better.

The truth is that teachers who are professional at work and who set themselves apart, will always be appreciated. Your boss may treat you in a manner that does not agree with you when you do not add value to her or the school. Worse still, if you are frequently being pushed to achieve goals and deadlines.

I know a few school owners may take their disappointment to an extreme but I will simply advise you as a teacher to keep improving on yourself and to leave the school with notice if you feel there are no opportunities for growth in your current school.

You know, one may need to remove the log of wood from his eyes before he can remove the plank from another's eye. I feel quite uncomfortable when teachers use words like 'greedy' for school owners.

The school owner is an edupreneur. She has invested resources and capital to set up that school. When you see school fees coming in, all you consider is profit. The school owner on the other hand, calculates bills, salaries, maintenance, govt. taxes and levies, rent, school materials, advert, school activities, family and personal expenses e.t.c.

I believe that school owners should try to pay staff better as much as they can afford but it is greedy of any staff to think that they should be paid x money because they have 20 students in class. You need to think like an entrepreneur and to empathize with your school owner. School business just like any other business in Nigeria is challenging.

So please from the point of entry into that school, turn around and walk away if you are not happy with the pay package. Do not get into the school to grow bitter and grumpy. Save yourself and the school such stress.

Melissa Chukwuma
Groom Villa Consult.

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