How to turn your Valedictory / End of the session party to a a stragetic event to boost or increase your pupils Enrolment

_*How to turn you Valecdictory / End of session programme to a strategic event*_

Dear Life builder and Leader.

If you will be organizing an end of session party then this is for you…

Here is the truth…

You will spend a lot of money…

Either you like it or not

And in truth it's worth it.

So I want to show you how you use this money as an investment in your brand and Marketing…

Here is the deal..

I want to explain in details to you, how to turn that end of session event into a strategic event.

First of all you should know…

A strategic event has two qualities…

1. It's entertaining

2. It's educative…

A Strategic event gives you the opportunity to.

1. Arouse the awareness of your parents on how awesome you are

2. Make parents not coming to your school highly desire your school wanting to be a part of it

3. Build a list of new parents that you can introduce your next offer too

4. Partner with businesses that should know you …

5. Form strategic partnership with stakeholders and influencers in and outside your school

Sincerely there is no better time to put this in motion than now…

We are moving towards the end of session


*We must finish Strong*

The idea behind this is to make sure we channel every cash spent into

1. Numerical growth of the school

2. Brand awareness of your school

3. Partnerships with your school

4. Profit center around your school…

My strategies will be straight to the point and I will deliver it in 3 easy steps

1. What do you do when preparing for your strategic event?

2. What do you during your strategic event?

3. What do you do after your strategic event?

Now after this is been explained

I will make available a PDF material to guide you so you can

Move to taking actions almost immediately….

The PDF material won't be free… It comes at a cost

Same as the support video materials

Everyone that's get the PDF will be added to a group where we will have the explainer video uploaded for further clarification….

So tomorrow I will start with what you do before your strategic event…..

Till then

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