What about the quality of the curriculum for primary and secondary schools?*

*What about the quality of the curriculum for primary and secondary schools?*

The quality of our curriculum in Nigeria is very watered down. If our schools adhere strictly to the Nigerian curriculum, especially at the primary level, our children will not be able to compete internationally. Assuming you pick a child from any of the public primary schools to travel abroad, you will discover that our children cannot even scratch the quantum of what their contemporaries abroad know.
Sometimes when I go through the curriculum I ask myself where we are going as a nation. It is not just about teaching the kids in the nursery or early primary school level how to count numbers; it should go beyond that. The children should at the end of that learning week be able to identify, recognise, associate the figures with objects.
For instance, when a child of three or four years, who is expected to know how to count from one to 10, is walking in the street, he should be able to say, ‘mummy that is one car and these are two cars.’ He should be able to associate the numbers he learnt in class with what he sees in real life. These are some of the things the curriculum should help to achieve. The child should know beyond the old pattern of learning, where he only sings or recites the numbers from one to 10.
Teaching requires commitment and a passion to impact the lives of those you teach positively. So our teachers should go beyond what the curriculum says.

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