Sleep Sleep Sleep. reasons why students sleep a lot in class.

There are reasons why students sleep a lot in class.

Parental reasons: some parents get home late and then they break the sleep of their children. This is because they have to carry them from business space to home

Some wake up so early thinking the child will sleep in the car

Call parents to inform them of the impact of work cycle on their wards

School reasons: the condition of the classroom can be so dull to affect children to sleep.
Children interact a lot with colours and designs. The classroom should have beautiful colours and designs. Well decorated!

Teachers reasons: boring teachers makes the child sleeps. This is compounded when the subject is boring or difficult to understand. Teachers should be creative with teaching.

Psychological reasons: some children sleeps uncontrollably because of brain functions. Such will pee on the bed when sleeping and they have long duration of sleep. No matter where they are, it is their mind alertness that is not high. Engage such in a mind development exercise like read aloud words, memory recitations, ask such to go and read a word in another class and he or she should come and tell you. His mind will be very alert.

I have tried several things in my child therapy sessions and we get serious results. Try these and let me know the development.

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