One Corner


I don’t know if you have also seen or heard one devil-inspired dance that is now trending among the youth, it is called *’ONE CORNER’.*

The name in itself is nothing but a summary of how the devil wastes young people- he pushes them into *ONE CORNER* where nobody is watching and before you know it, they are gone.

Every now and then Christians are yielding to temptations in *ONE CORNER,*

Compromising their faith in *ONE CORNER,*

Collecting bribes in *ONE CORNER* and toiling with all manner of sinful and despicable practices in *ONE CORNER.*

You may think that you’re safe and no one sees ūüĎÄ you in that *ONE CORNER!*

Hmmnn…..!ūü§Ē but U lie, the devil’s plan is to slaughter your destiny in that *ONE CORNER.*

So, instead of dancing away your destiny in *ONE CORNER;*

"Why not have retreat in *ONE CORNER,*
Study God's word in *ONE CORNER,*
Pray in *ONE CORNER,*
Worship God in *ONE CORNER,*
Be Honest in that *ONE CORNER,*
Build up your life and faith in *ONE CORNER,*
Discipline yourself in *ONE CORNER,*
Trust and obey God when U're alone in *ONE CORNER."*

David was in *ONE CORNER* with his father’s flock and there God gave him a shepherd heart and raise him to be able to slaughter the Lions,
A skill that came handy in fighting Goliath.

Daniel was in *ONE CORNER* praying and the Lions cooperated with his vision & character in that *CORNER‚Äľ*

Jesus would rise up early and pray in *ONE CORNER* while everyone is yet asleep.

While the devil is busy wasting people’s lives in *ONE CORNER,* remember God is still using *ONE CORNER* also to raise Generals ‚Äľ

The preparations you make in *ONE CORNER* can make you an overcomer and a *CORNER* stone

Start from *ONE CORNER* Now!

Represent God in *ONE CORNER*

If you are blessed by this, please share.

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