*Pride is an abomination to God and God Rejects Proud people, how do I Detect Pride in my life and acts?*

1. If you don't tremble at God's word, you're *Proud.*

2. When you seek vain glory, you're *Proud.*

3. If you have any sense of self worth (you think you are better than someone else), you're *Proud.*

4. If you normally look down on others, you're *Proud.*

5. if you have any act of showmanship or always flaunting ur Wealth, ur Body with indecent clothes, you're *Proud.*

6. If you don't respect others (old or young), you're *Proud.*

7. If you have any trace of selfishness, you're *Proud*

8. If you get offended over little matters or minor issues, you're *Proud.*

9. If you hate Corrections you're *Proud.*

10. If you find it Difficult to Apologise, you're *Proud.*

11. If you find it Difficult to Appreciate others, you're *Proud.*

12. If you Hate Instructions, you're *Proud.*

13. if you're not always at ease to Accommodate others, you're *Proud.*

14. If you get Irritated at others unnecessarily, you're *Proud.*

15. If you lack the five magic words *(Please, Pardon me, I'm sorry, Thank you and Excuse me)*, you're *Proud.*

16. If you always exaggerate, you're *Proud.*

17. If you find it difficult to relate with people of lower class, you're *Proud.*

18. If you find it difficult to adapt to certain conditions/situations, you're *Proud.*

19. If you always want your Will, Decision, Reasoning and Desire to Supersede others, you're *Proud.*

20. If you get offended when your Counsel is not taken, you are *Proud.*

21. If you get angry when you are not consulted or your Suggestion/Decision is Not Endorsed, you are *Proud.*

22. If you are not happy when others especially your juniors are Promoted or you don’t give Honour to whom Honour is due, you're *Proud.*

23. If you are wise in your own eyes, you're *Proud.*

24. If you don’t take wise and positive counsel/advice, you're *Proud.*

25. If you lack the fear of God, you're *Proud.*

26. If you don't have Plan/Hope of making Heaven, you're *Proud.*

27. If you lack the zeal to maintain Peace, you're *Proud.*

28. If you always want people to Acknowledge your Presence and your Achievements in Public Places, you're *Proud.*

29. If you treat the Poor with Disdain, you're *Proud.*

30. If you Read this Piece and you Fail to Humble yourself, Reflect on your Life Style or you Do not See this Piece as a Transparent Truth/Mirror, you're PROUD!!!

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