Is My Tailor Mad?

Is my Tailor Mad?

Before you answer that question let me briefly tell you what happened so you can judge.
I saw John Obidi with this 'hood' that read 'CE0,000,000' and I thought to myself 'oh, wow, I should get something like that'.
That's how I picked up my phone and called one boda Taju that doubles as my Tailor and designer when I want shirts with inscriptions.
I called him and said, "Hello egbon, I want you to design me a 'hood' with the inscription CE0,000,000 in gold fonts boldly written across the chest".
He replied "no wahala, long hand or short hand?" I told him I wanted long sleeves so he assured me to come for it by 'next tomorrow' but I should make deposit, but I paid in full.
When the next tomorrow came, I happily headed for his shop and on my way, I kept thinking of how I'll look in the 'hood' and how I will even tell smartBcampers that oga John stole the idea of the shirt from me.
On getting to his place, he pulled out what was supposed to be my 'hood'.
I was dismayed, shocked, baffled, flabbergasted and astonished!
It didn't look like anything I ever wanted and He was even smiling while showing me the stuff he brought out, but I was almost crying because what he brought out looked like the Jersey Eyimba United once used as their away kit.
I asked angrily, 'boda Taju, shey na hood be this'? He said 'yez na'.
I said "where the cap come dey?"
He replied "hood no dey get cap naw, na wetin you ask for I give you". I was lost for words.
I learnt four lessons that day.
1. Instead of telling people stuffs, show them!
Only if I had shown him a picture of the exact thing I wanted, he would have gotten it for me.
Don't tell people how your products look, don't tell people what your food tastes like, don't tell people what your vision is…SHOW THEM!
2. One word may not have a universal definition.
What I called a 'hood' was different from what he called a 'hood'.
What you call cheap may not be cheap to another person, what you call small thing may be a big thing to somebody else. Learn to know if you mean the same thing.
3. There's only one original.
No matter how hard you try to look like someone, you can never be that someone, you can only come as close to being a photocopy. 
Strive to be thart original that other people want to be like.
Guccify yasef. lol.
4. My Tailor is not mad.
I was the one who didn't explain well. 
Sometimes, your customers are not irate, your spouse may not be touchy, your boss may not even be aggressive after all, if you're sincere enough, you'll realise that the problem may be from you!
Anyways, I had to wear the hoodie boda Taju made for me and guess what, other people loved it, even though it's not like oga John's own I initially wanted.
You see, no idea is totally useless!
Stay blessed!

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