Ideas for celebrating world book days

Today is World book day, you can celebrate it anytime after today, even on April 23rd (William Shakespeare's birthday).

Feel free to send in pictures and write-ups from your book day celebration. 
Here are some ideas for celebrating:
1. Inspiration – Get book authors to come speak with the children.
2. Reading – Get parents to come read to the children.
3. Show and tell – Get children to dress like their favorite author, have a parade and tell about their favorite author.
4. Act – Dramatize a book.
5. Creation – Create a music or dance performance inspired by a book.
6. Contest – Give a time frame to read as many books as possible and award prices to the person who reads the most number of books.
7. Writing – get children to read and write their own books, articles or short stories.
8. Speaking – analyze books and discuss how characters could have handled issues better or ways the books could be re-written.
9. Campaign – design posters, graphics and captions that would create enlightenment and inspire people to read.
10. Art – design a cover page for a magazine with your portrait and a headline indicating something you might do that would land you on the cover of the magazine.
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