How do you handle a child that is very hyperactive in class and yet not doing well at his studies

1. Channelise their energy towards positive activities that are rewarding academically 

Find means to vent their energy and calm their minds. Children need to run around and play a lot. Invest in classes which help them use up their energy, physical activity, and soothe mind.
You can also get your child an activity box to help them engage meaningfully and focus on play-based activities. This will help boost their memory skills and concentration – not to forget skill development as well!
2. Talk to your child in a simple manner
Give them your complete attention and lend an ear to their concerns, interests, and apprehensions. Also get them to make to-do lists and break down the instructions given to them.. Never curb them or scold them or cage them as this may not product a positive result on the child. 
3. Help them deal with their feelings. 
Children with hyperactivity find it difficult to handle anger, sadness, and worry. Help them to deal with their feelings and tell them what is good and what is bad. Most of them are very emotional and highly restless. Talk to them and never abuse them or use derogatory remarks to describe them 
4. Make them relax. 
Minimize distractions and screen time. Take them out to green surroundings. Just be patient, take a deep breath, be determined to calm him/her, and put his/her high energy levels to good use
5. Behaviour therapy
Reward them for good manners, listening to you, sticking to a routine, encourage them to establish order, and let them know what is expected from him/her. The best way to deal with a hyperactive kid is to engage his mind and body, and channelise their energy.
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