Third Term promotional Examinations 2017 Basic one primary one






Choose from the option lettered a – c the one that is most suitable

1.) We should be careful at all times to avoid accident (a) True (b) False

2.) It is good to put nail into the electric socket (a) Yes (b) No

3.) The red light means ______ (a) come (b) stop (c) ready

4.) We use the _____ crossing on the road (a) Zebra (b) bird (c) tree

5.) The green light means _____ (a) go (b) jump (c) stop

6.) The place where we build to live in is called ______ (a) road (b) water (c) house

7.) House protects us in different ways (a) True (b) False

8.) The colour of my uniforms are ______ and ______

(a) blue and black (b) white and black (c) grey and pink

9.) We put on clothes to look ______ (a) good (b) naked (c) dirty

10.) _____ is the material used for building houses (a) cement (b) paper (c) nylon

11.) Our school surroundings must be neat (a) Yes (b) No

12.) We have _________ types of soil (a) 2 (b) 3 (c) 5

13.) All living things need air (a) true (b) false

14.) _____ is the top covering of the earth (a) paper (b) soil (c) tree

15.) Plants grow in the soil (a) true (b) false

Mention three non-living things you know

16.) ______________________

17.) ______________________

18.) ______________________


19.) A paper kite uses ___________ to fly (a) water (b) fan (c) air

20.) We have __________ sources of water (a) 4 (b) 2 (c) 6

21.) Good water must be colourless, odourless and tasteless (a) True (b) False

Write three uses of water

22.) __________________________

23.) __________________________

24.) ___________________________

Give two examples of animals that lives in water

25.) ___________________________

26.) ___________________________

27.) A machine is anything that makes work easier (a) true (b) false

28.) ________________ is used for opening bottles (a) nail (b) opener (c) book

29.) We put on clothes to look ________ (a) dirty (b) naked (c) good

30.) We buy and sell in the __________ (a) school (b) market (c) house


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