Agricultural Science


Which of the following types of soil contains particles of diameter between 0.02 mm and 2.o mm?A. sandB. siltC. gravelD. clayE. stone


A farmer cultivating leafy vegetables will require fertilizers with a relatively high content ofA. calciumB. magnesiumC. potasssiumD. nitrogenE. phosphorus


The earthworm is important to the farmer because itA. improves soil structureB. improves soil textureC. destroys soil pathogensD. adds nutrients to the soilE. prevents soil erosion
The type of rocks formed from the molten magma is known asA. sedimentaryB. igneousC. metamorphicD. schistE. sandstone


The relationship between the microorganisms and plant in the nitrogen cycle is best described asA. parasitismB. commensalismC. competitionD. symbiosisE. saprophytism

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